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Blue Hurricane Drink

blue hurricane featured image

There really isn’t a lot of information on this “Blue Hurricane” drink except that it’s obviously very similar to the Blue Hawaiian. So you know that this type of drinkĀ  is something you should be ordering on a tropical island of some sort, lol. The drink does call for rum for that tropical spirit, blue […]

How to Make an Appletini: Cocktail Recipe

how to make an appletini martini featured image

Appletini also called an Apple Martini which is an extremely popular choice due to it’s yummy and eye-catching green color. So if you’re in the mood for a sweet and sour type of drink then this it the perfect drink to order or make at home. The drink was originally called Adam’s AppleĀ Martini, which was […]

Fuzzy Navel Drink – Recipe


Ā  This Fuzzy Navel drink is another one of those popular summer drinks that stems back from the 1980’s, when mixing cocktails was starting to become more mainstream. The drink itself is said be invented by Ray Foley,Ā which wasĀ almost 30 years ago and counting. It’s quite hard to say what the actual story on how […]

Tequila Matador Recipe


As you can tell from the name, the Tequila Matador drinkĀ is a tequila based cocktail that contains Tequila. Duh, but what else? The drink is filled with pineapple juice and fresh lime juice that complements the tequila spirit extremely well. It’s less widely known than the margarita, which is strange because the Matador is a […]

Copperhead – Recipe

Copperhead drink recipe with ginger ale

The Copperhead drink recipe is very simple drink. It just contains vodka, ginger-ale and a fresh lime garnish, which makes this an excellent ginger base drink. Here are some recommended brands of ginger-ale to use. Vernor’s Ginger Ale Canada Dry Ginger Ale Schweppes Ginger Ale Seagram’s Ginger Ale Reeds Ginger Ale With many popular beliefs, […]

Dirty Shirley – Recipe

dirty shirley featured image

You can pretty much guess what drink this is…. an adult version of a Shirley Temple that has alcohol in it! I guess that’s why it’s now called a Dirty Shirley. If you’ve ever been to a nice restaurant as a kid then it’s a sure fact then you at least had a Shirley Temple […]

Royal Flush Drink – Recipe

royal flush drink featured

Ordering a Royal flush drink at a bar or making it home is much easier than trying to win a hand of poker with a Royal Flush. It’s a fantastic drink that’s accessible to anyone wanting a flavorful tasting concoction. The ingredients are pretty straightforward. It contains Crown Royal Whiskey for all the guys and […]