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How to Make an Appletini: Cocktail Recipe

how to make an appletini martini featured image

Appletini also called an Apple Martini which is an extremely popular choice due to it’s yummy and eye-catching green color. So if you’re in the mood for a sweet and sour type of drink then this it the perfect drink to order or make at home. The drink was originally called Adam’s Apple¬†Martini, which was […]

LA Water Drink Recipe

how to make LA Water drink recipe, like a long island iced tea

This LA Water drink cocktail is based on the famous LA River. If you’ve ever visited LA or specifically, LA River, then you would know that the coloration is almost dark greenish. The reason for the odd color is due to trolls…. JK. It’s actually because the water comes from two different sources, which is […]