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Tequila Matador Recipe


As you can tell from the name, the Tequila Matador drink is a tequila based cocktail that contains Tequila. Duh, but what else? The drink is filled with pineapple juice and fresh lime juice that complements the tequila spirit extremely well. It’s less widely known than the margarita, which is strange because the Matador is a […]

Dirty Shirley – Recipe

dirty shirley featured image

You can pretty much guess what drink this is…. an adult version of a Shirley Temple that has alcohol in it! I guess that’s why it’s now called a Dirty Shirley. If you’ve ever been to a nice restaurant as a kid then it’s a sure fact then you at least had a Shirley Temple […]

Royal Flush Drink – Recipe

royal flush drink featured

Ordering a Royal flush drink at a bar or making it home is much easier than trying to win a hand of poker with a Royal Flush. It’s a fantastic drink that’s accessible to anyone wanting a flavorful tasting concoction. The ingredients are pretty straightforward. It contains Crown Royal Whiskey for all the guys and […]

LA Water Drink Recipe

how to make LA Water drink recipe, like a long island iced tea

This LA Water drink cocktail is based on the famous LA River. If you’ve ever visited LA or specifically, LA River, then you would know that the coloration is almost dark greenish. The reason for the odd color is due to trolls…. JK. It’s actually because the water comes from two different sources, which is […]

Long Island Iced Tea: The Drink With All The BOOZE

long island iced tea drink with a lot of booze, how to make

A Long Island Iced Tea is a drink that is very popular due to it’s amount of alcohol content and refreshing tea flavors. Most people order this drink with the sole intention of trying to drunk quickly, which avoids having to drink several drinks to get to the same point. You’ll find that this drink […]