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What is a Well Drink?

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What is a Well Drink?

A well drink is a mixed drink that is made with the cheapest alcohol found a the the bar. They are normally found in the speed racks (where liquor is stored for easier access), alongside their next higher end of alcohols whenever they are called.

speed rack

The cheapest liquor is considered a well liquor and if it has well liquor in the drink, then it’s safe to say that it’s also called a well drink. 🙂

Many customers who order a drink without calling a brand will usually get a well liquor. For example, gin and tonic will get the cheapest stuff versus calling out Bombay Sapphire and tonic. Calling out the brand name of that spirit (Bombay, Tanqueray, Hendricks) is a called drink.

Here a list of some well drinks

Some Common Popular Well Drinks

This is just a small list example of popular drinks that would normally get well liquor, unless brand name is requested. They are usually just simple drinks that contains the spirit and one mixer, or sometimes even more.

Adios Motherfucker
(More than 2 spirits, but usually contains well liquor)
Cape Cod
Cuba Libre
Gin Tonic
Long Island Iced Tea
(More than 2 spirits, but usually contains well liquor)
Rum and Coke
Salty Dog
Sea Breeze
Sex on the Beach
Tequila Sunrise
Tom Collins
Whisky Coke

Still Got Questions?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About Well Drinks

Are you still a bit confused or have some more specific questions on well drinks?

Look no further, we got some frequently asked questions about it. We understand, this is new terminology if you’ve never or rarely drink at bars!

What alcohol is considered well?

It’s usually just the cheapest alcohol available at the bar. Some bars will have a brand that you’ve heard of but may still be the cheapest one at that bar, just depends.

They can also be almost any spirit such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, scotch, brandy, whiskey.

You’ll even have liquers, which could be considered well such as triple sec, amaretto, peach schnapps, melon, raspberry, etc as they have known branded counterparts.

Are there other types of drinks besides well drinks?

They’re definitely two other type of drinks, which are call drinks and premium drinks. In this order, well drinks, call drinks, and premium drinks are ranging from cheapest to higher end priced drinks.

  • Well Drink – Cheapest alcohol used in the drink
  • Call Drink – Mid-ranged alcohol used in the drink
  • Premium Drink – High-end alcohol used in drink

The concept is pretty simple. The well drink is the drink with the cheapest booze such as Jim Beam or regular Jack Daniels.

A mid-priced range alcohol would be something like Bulleit, Knob Creek, Makers Mark.

A premium drink would be a higher end alcohol such as Bantons, Bookers, Elijah Craig for example.

How do I know if they are going to pour well liquor in my drink?

You can look on our list to get an idea of whether they will pour well liquor in the drink. It really just depends on the bar and bartender.

However, you can always ask the bartender whether he or she is going to use well liquor in the drink.

Should I call a brand name with my drinks?

This really depends on you and whether you have a preference toward a brand. Let’s say you wanted a Paloma,(More than 2 spirits, but usually contains well liquor) which normally calls for a cheap tequila.

If you had better taste or experience with that brand, then it’s best to stick what you know, most of the time.


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